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Aspen Local Artist Axel Livingston at the Gonzo Gallery: It Never Got Weird Enough For Me

Aspen Local Artist Axel Livingston at the Gonzo Gallery: It Never Got Weird Enough For Me

Fat City Gallery Director DJ Watkins curates art exhibits with a focus on the Gonzo era. Labeled as one of our country’s top 100 party throwers and somebody who can, “sell shampoo to a bald man” Watkins created a solo exhibit for Axel Livingston, “It Never Got Weird Enough For Me”. This is Axel’s third show in the Roaring Fork Valley and will be up in the gallery until May 14th, 2021 with a closing party that night 5-10pm.

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ASPEN BUSINESS CONNECT REAL PROFILES: CEO of Full Spectrum Colorado-Made Sopris Health & Wellness CBD Products

ASPEN BUSINESS CONNECT REAL PROFILES: CEO of Full Spectrum Colorado-Made Sopris Health & Wellness CBD Products. Launching in 2018, Sopris Health & Wellness CEO and Founder Bryan Ward was determined to produce Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD as a local, independent business adhering to the “whole-plant approach.” A multi-time entrepreneur, Bryan stays steady and true to his mission to help people in pain with top-notch ingredients.

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Must Visit Yoga Studios In Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley

Aspen is home to some of the world’s best athletes; by that we mean not just pro skiers and snowboarders, but everyday folks who happen to have an undying passion for yoga, cycling, Pilates, and really anything and everything in between. We’re talking internationally trained and recognized gurus with certifications and educations that make them masters in their field. Lucky for us, they chose our little mountain town as their home base; and we have the chance to reap the benefits of their teachings any day of the week. Read about our local favorite must visit yoga studios in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley.

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FirstBank Teams Up With Crown Mountain Park in Bike Giveaway

FirstBank is helping the Roaring Fork Valley celebrate the return of spring with “The Shot Heard ‘Round the Valley” paper airplane contest. Hosted at the bank’s Carbondale branch (791 HWY 133, Carbondale) from April 1-10, contestants can enter for a chance to win a Commencal Meta TR 29 mountain bike or an Absolut dirt jumper, donated by Crown Mountain Bike Park. Winners will be randomly selected and announced on April 10.

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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

What if I told you – you are perfect just how you are? … And maybe there are some minor daily tweaks we can work together on (think of me as a Life Hack Trainer) so that you can optimize the way you show up in your life. We spend so much of our days, heads down, ploughing through and we miss the part where we get to choose. I tell my clients  … “If all we do together is just change one tiny habit we can change your whole life.”

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