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How Nature Heals

How Nature Heals

On a sunny Sunday morning, my husband and I skinned up the Sugar Bowls in Aspen and the revelations came one after the other about how nature can heal if one allows their mind to stay quiet in order to absorb her stories.

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An Aspen Blogger Taps into 2021 By Reviewing Past Stories

An Aspen Blogger Taps into 2021 By Reviewing Past Stories

As I skinned up the mountain at night, just me and the snowcats and the big, beautiful pine trees and white Aspen’s I contemplated my stories from my past and how living in Aspen is the only life I could have where I am my happiest. A life that is so in tune with my vocation of having fun.

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Breathe For Teens Program

Founder of Intrinsic, Emily Hightower, in partnership with  Health and Human Performance Foundation, Brian MacKenzie, and local Aspen High School teacher, Cerena Thompson have created the Breathe For Teens Program, a novel stress reduction curriculum to help teenagers here at home

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“Keep Going” or “Let Go”?

True success isn’t about proving something to someone else, depending on status or approval; success means aligning with the path your unique frequency is coded for. Your frequency, or core energetic state, is your key code.

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Shopping the Aspen Marketplace

As a way to support our global artists helping communities, we have just launched an Aspen Marketplace, featuring artists throughout the world working towards a more socially responsible future. 

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Building a Strong Immune System

It’s time to get, really get, that YOU create a strong immune system by the choices you make daily. Isn’t that totally empowering? Isolating yourSelf or covering yourSelf is not enhancing your resilience to dis-ease. It’s fine if that helps you stress less, but wouldn’t it be awesome to really fortify yourSelf so you just don’t fall prey to colds and flus?

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