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This month brings the biannual Body Bliss Cleanse that’s full of wisdom and flexibility. Also, tap into the ongoing Master Classes in the Swan Sage Body Bliss tribe.

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Some of Aspen’s Favorite Restaurants Share Their Newest Offerings

It’s hard to believe, but we very well may be finally turning a corner in this crazy, awful pandemic. One big indicator right here in Aspen is that restaurants are back at 50% for indoor dining. A huge relief to so many restaurant owners and their employees, who for months were on the edge of their seat waiting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve rounded up the current status, and plans, for 8 of the most happening restaurants in Aspen.

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How Nature Heals

How Nature Heals

On a sunny Sunday morning, my husband and I skinned up the Sugar Bowls in Aspen and the revelations came one after the other about how nature can heal if one allows their mind to stay quiet in order to absorb her stories.

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Explore Booksellers and Pyramid Bistro in Aspen

Health food aficionados likely know that nutritarian cooking is a nutrient-dense plant-rich style of eating allowing for small amounts of meat. It is reputed to slow aging and prevent or even reverse chronic illnesses. Chef Oswald’s dishes are flavor packed and brimming with vegetables such as Chioggia beets, Olathe corn and Swiss chard supplied by local farmers. Explore Booksellers and Pyramid Bistro are housed in a classic Victorian on Main Street, replete with a white fence bordering the front porch.

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