A Girl's Powder Day in the Life of AspenRealLife - Aspen Real Life


A Girl’s Powder Day in the Life of AspenRealLife

A Girl’s Powder Day in the Life of AspenRealLife

It usually isn’t until January when the girls of AspenRealLife get to gather together and hit the slopes, making up for lost time on our mountains.

Before we get out, there is a mutual feeling of despondency amongst us. A bit beaten up by family abuse demands, and what the pressure of holidays bring, we crave those moments where we can re-unite and leave our familial and work responsibilities for a few hours to revert back to our playful selves and let loose on the slopes.

Finally mid-January … with the holidays over and the kids back in school, we reform our pack and toss everything to the wind for a few hours, going to sleep with our goggles on so all family members get the message loud and clear that Mama’s gonna be off-duty for just a few hours the following day.

When morning comes, we wake up, get the coffee brewing, cook the eggs and wake up our sleepy cats and as quickly as possible, without being too revved up and obvious, herd them out the door, lest anybody accidentally throws a wrench into our plans.

Once the door shuts, we kick into gear, layering up with our powder clothes and hitting the slopes as quickly as possible to maximize our girl time. Often in our rush one of us forgets something very important, like goggles, or our ski pass, but thankfully Aspen Ski Co has us covered by allowing us to buy another pass for $5, or loaning us items from lost and found. The Guest Services at Ski Co. are our little angels, helping us out when we need them such as; finding our skis that we may have left behind when persuaded to shirk our responsibilities just a wee bit longer to have an après–ski cocktail, or when invited to drink Yeager out of a paper bag by visiting Swedes partying on the slopes – the latter circumstance when weighed out carefully: kids vs. good story, was a negative.

Then 3:30pm hits and we revert back to our mom roles — driving all over town on snowy roads in our sexy long underwear to pick up or discard kids at their next activities … then into the kitchen we go to make a hopefully edible dinner, and onto homework help, and more herding in preparation for the boys extra-curricular activities for the next day … and so it goes … until the next winter storm alert happens and the pot of coffee is brewed.


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