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Some of Aspen’s Favorite Restaurants Share Their Newest Offerings

It’s hard to believe, but we very well may be finally turning a corner in this crazy, awful pandemic. One big indicator right here in Aspen is that restaurants are back at 50% for indoor dining. A huge relief to so many restaurant owners and their employees, who for months were on the edge of their seat waiting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve rounded up the current status, and plans, for 8 of the most happening restaurants in Aspen.

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Scout & Cellar Spritzer Gives Back to the Bees

Scout and Cellar, Clean-Crafted wine from all over the world, is all about leaving the smallest footprint as possible on the planet, using 100% recyclable products, thinner glass on the bottles, and no foil wrapped corks. Scout & Cellar also gives back to bee conservation.

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