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ASPEN BUSINESS CONNECT REAL PROFILES: CEO of Full Spectrum Colorado-Made Sopris Health & Wellness CBD Products

ASPEN BUSINESS CONNECT REAL PROFILES: CEO of Full Spectrum Colorado-Made Sopris Health & Wellness CBD Products

Launching in 2018, Sopris Health & Wellness CEO and Founder Bryan Ward was determined to produce Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD as a local, independent business adhering to the “whole-plant approach.” A multi-time entrepreneur, Bryan stays steady and true to his mission to help people in pain with top-notch ingredients.

Bryan first discovered hemp by working for a summer on a friend’s hemp farm who was pioneering the new crop in Boulder County, Colorado. Sustainability being paramount to the ranch, this includes raising free-range chickens and growing without the use of pesticides or chemicals. One summer turned into a partnership where all of Sopris Health & Wellness products are made from the same single independent grower in the U.S.

Learning all about the uses of hemp, Bryan found this ancient plant has shown to be an alternative solution for chronic pain, inflammation, more restful sleep, arthritis, anxiety, migraines, cramps, epilepsy, and more. In essence, hemp CBD could be an alternative to the multitude of modern prescriptions without any of the side effects.

Sopris Botanical CBD Products

Sopris’ Botanicals represent the most effective CBD options in the marketplace. In this expertly crafted product line, we target certain ailments by combining the incredible power of a full-spectrum CBD extract with traditional botanical extracts.  The result is a targeted and balanced formulation that gives you a more effective product than CBD alone can provide. Whether combating anxiety, sleep issues, inflammation, cognitive performance or long-term adrenal support, our Botanicals line has a reliable and powerful option for you.  Experience how an effective blend of CBD and traditional botanicals can help you live better now.


Mom. Such a simple 3-letter word. Yet it’s powerful enough to elicit incredibly warm feelings inside each of us. Why? Because mothers have an innate ability to brighten our lives with their unconditional love.

Right now, we all know several moms out there who are changing diapers, helping with homework, making their mark professionally and juggling a myriad of responsibilities.

These superheroes could all use a little extra TLC. So, for Mother’s Day (or any occasion), why not treat the special women in your life to the gift of self-care.

Full-spectrum CBD offers something for every kind of mother – from grand-moms to fur-moms to everyone in-between – allowing them to indulge in a little nature-infused bliss.


Whether the mom in your life is at work, running errands or grabbing a bite to eat with friends, treat them to a little soothing support whenever they’re on-the-go with Serenity CBD + Botanical Blend.

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