The Aspen Princess Visits AspenRealLife

Aspen Princess Visits AspenRealLife

Aspen Princess Visits AspenRealLife

When my intern/lead writer, Christopher, Gsell, left me to head off for a year in Spain, his one request before he left was to have the Aspen Princess, Ali Margo, visit AspenRealLife. He wanted to meet her in person to tell her how much he enjoys her column in the Aspen Times and to thank her for directing him to me when he reached out to her this past spring to see if she could help him to get his review of Marble’s Slow Groovin’ Barbeque published.

Just like everything Christopher suggested we do throughout the summer, getting together with Ali  was a brilliant idea, and she was gracious enough to allow us to interview her on the spot so that he could reveal the behind the scenes of being an Aspen Princess in what’s known as the glitziest ski resort town in America.

As we sat on the bench talking I realized that we have a lot in common, the Aspen Princess and I; she has a boy, I have three; she is a Jewish American Princess from New England, so kinda WAS I; she lives with humor, is straight forward and wears her heart on her sleeve, as do I; she married the antithesis of what she thought she was “supposed” to marry, as did I; she was a contributing writer for the New York Times….so was I (JK); and she has a column in the Aspen Times. I guess that is where we part ways.

I’ve always enjoyed Ali’s well written, humorous and honest column about “real life” in Aspen that she has been writing since 2002. Covering topics of single-life in a town that never stops playing, to finding her main “maintenance man”, and then to enduring infertility struggles that led to their now 7 month old beautiful baby boy, Ali has the gift of turning everyday living into a written fiesta that we all want to be invited to.

It was an inspiration to get better acquainted with somebody who has reached such commendable heights with her writing, peaks that I have yet to bag, and I hope that you will be seeing more of her on AspenRealLife – since she is all that….and more.

Interview with Aspen Princess

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1 hour ago

Aspen Real Life


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3 days ago

Aspen Real Life

Who is getting spooky over Halloween? Tell us your plans. Our readers are asking what’s going on! ...

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4 days ago

Aspen Real Life

Give Theo Williams some love. He could use it right now. Follow him on instagram: @theowilliams25

Day 5 ✅ Torrey - Panguitch UT
Today: 73 miles.
Total: 433 miles.

I thought yesterday was bad.... today started with forgetting water bottles. Then a wind storm. Happens to be trash day here, wind blew a trash can which hit my front wheel and knocked me off. I then fell into a ditch from the wind. 2nd fall. At a construction stop a family offered me a ride in a different direction. We went north for 40 miles. Still the same mileage for the day from the drop point.

In the afternoon, I got a puncture and a broken spoke. Thank you to the gentleman who stopped to help me fix it.

This is insanely difficult. Way underestimated this trip. Will finish though.
#dontgethitbytrashcans #MentalHealth #DepressionAwareness #BreakTheStigma

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