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Mountain living equates with hardcore playing and we mountain folk all have our different approaches to how hard we like to play. Some of us are more aggressive than others, wearing our Fitbits and logging into Strava before we begin our ascensions up our favorite mountain trails, tracking our mileage, and testing our strength with each new workout. Others of us like the physicality of pushing ourselves, but are in no hurry, breathing in the cerebral benefits as our blood pumps through our bodies, and then there are those of us who enjoy taking long walks with family, friends, pups, and yes, even cats. Regardless of who we are and what type of exercise we prefer, there is a common thread that connects us all together, and that is that we all love to move our bodies, and live for being out in nature. In the transitional months of October and November, when it becomes too snowy to bike and a bit too cold for us to be outside since our bodies haven’t yet adjusted to the drop in temperature, many of us turn to our favorite gyms and yoga studios for deep restorative healing from our summer antics, and to get our quads turned on so we can tax our bodies all over again in the snow. So where do we go?

** NOTE: Due to Covid-19 please visit the websites of these studios for their schedule

Yoga Studios in Aspen

Below is a list of Aspen Yoga studios where the vibe is alive and electrified. This list is not exhaustive, we just picked out the studios we know and love.

King Yoga

When living in New York City I searched high and low for my kind of fitness club, one with great energy and loud music. I finally found one unexpectedly, when walking down the street one day I heard loud thumping music and looked up to see purple lights ominously glowing out the windows. I ran up and joined. It was like working out in a nightclub packed with the hippest people one would ever care to meet. My kind of place, but definitely not for those wanting peace and quiet in their workout.

The energy in Aaron King’s studio reminded me of that place, only his classes are far more spiritual … with a mountain vibe, with cool locals sporting long and sinewy rock hard athletic and flexible bodies. Locals who appreciate the realness Aaron brings and the no frills, no mic, no bullshit. For many of us it is our temple.

Aaron’s studio has closed but he is now teaching at 02 and at the Snowmass Collective, uplifting the room with transcendent rock & roll and zen music transcending enabling yogis to find space and quiet the spinning cogs of our minds. As soon as Aaron enters the room I stay in the zone as I listen to his positive, grounded words exhaled in sync with carefully chosen music and the smoothest of flows, encouraging us to find our best selves and not just leave our goodness on the yoga mat but carry it with us wherever we go. Aaron too gets into the zone while he is teaching the class, totally giving his all to us as he hops around the room completely absorbing our energy and the music. I often feel moments of  total bliss from his fusion of spirituality, music, mind and body culminating into one cohesive whole making me feel completely alive.

Zaya Yoga

Located in the Aspen Business Center, and also in Basalt, CO, the owner of this yoga studio is an incredible teacher.

Aspen Shakti

Owned by the beautiful and talented Jayne Gottlieb, Aspen Shakti is a warm and welcoming studio located right in town, a block East of the Aspen Art Museum. Descending the stairway inspirational quotes like; “Don’t you know it yet? It is your light that lights the worlds,” pop out from soothing red painted walls encouraging one to tap into one’s higher self. An ethereal pair of wings created by the talented local artist, Nicole Gogolak, hang at the bottom of the stairs as if to help you to take flight.

[su_quote cite=”Joseph Campbell” url=””]“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” [/su_quote]

Jayne teaches the Radiant and EmPower Flow classes. These are high energy classes where Jayne’s positive energy radiates through to her students, energizing the room with a vibrant light and bringing out the spiritual warrior in all of us. Jayne’s New Moon and Full Moon Rituals yoga classes with DJ Bhakti Styler are not to be missed, helping one to reset and recharge to empowering music.

NOTE: In the summers partake in Yoga on the Mountain for the ultimate mind, body, spirit infusion atop Aspen mountain — yoga overlooking the Elk Mountain Range at 11,212 feet.

02 Aspen Yoga Studio and Spa

02 Aspen has incredible yoga practitioners who are constantly changing up their flows and helping their students to get deeper into postures. Offering Pilates and Yoga classes, as well as their spa services, 02 also is a great place to shop for yoga and comfort clothes.

Arjuna Hot Yoga

Owned by longtime locals, Caroline and Jaime Hartrich this studio provides both creative, dynamic, energized vinyasa flow as well as deep stretching, static, restorative postures all practiced in a warm environment. If you are looking for the Bikram’s yoga series, this is your place.


True Nature Healing Arts

An unbelievably beautiful and intentional sanctuary located in Carbondale, offering yoga, an Ayurvedic spa, a tea room, and an eco-friendly boutique, surrounded by a tranquil peace garden, I was able to take a yoga class there with my friend Jennifer Lane teaching. Used to the fast pace, it wasn’t so easy to move slowly and hold postures for what felt like forever, but Jennifer gently lead us through it.

If I lived in Carbondale I would go to all of their nutrition and meditation classes, and would definitely go to their yoga classes, especially when Jennifer is teaching.

Kula Yoga on Main

A boutique yoga studio specializing in meditative practice and flexibility for all bodies.  Kula is the Sanskrit word loosely translated to mean, community. I have heard so many fantastic things about this place, it is the next place I go.

I’m sure I’ve left places out, so please email me with your favorite places!! We’ll do our best to include your feedback in our next blog post: [email protected]

White Horse Yoga

Founder of White Horse Yoga, Bel Carpenter, is an incredible teacher who will get you into in the best shape of your life through helping you to build strength and flexibility, heal injuries, gain mental peace, lose weight and fulfill your dreams!

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