Parenting Boys in a the Mountain Resort town of Aspen, Colorado
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Parenting Boys in Aspen

Raising three boys in Aspen, Colorado has it’s amazing benefits; the outdoor lifestyle, the ability to ski on school days where the high school has an open campus, the quietness, the safety. But living in a mountain resort town also has it’s challenges. Being surrounded by extreme wealth and sometimes over privileged friends can make parenting challenging. On top of that, living in a resort town where marijuana is legalized, and lack of good health care for our children is a scary world to raise children in, especially now that we know so much more about the developing brain.

Under no means do I claim to have all the answers, and the verdict is still out on how we do as parents, but we do have many insightful and useful tips that we learn along the way and hope that we can help our readers gain better insight into the world of parenting. Start here.

Parenting Teens in a Legalized Marijuana Resort Town

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Healing with Horses

Healing with Horses There are many incredible organizations helping children in our valley, WindWalkers is one of them. Located on a beautiful ranch in Missouri Heights where sage brush infuses the Colorado air, Windwalkers is an...
Are All Mothers Superheroes?

Are All Mothers Superheroes?

How do parents get release? It is a real psychological dilemma.

Imagining Life Without Children

Imagining Life Without Children When people ask me if I love having children my answer is always conflicted. Honestly, I love having children. It is my vocation, my life, it is what I signed up...
teenage Aspen boys

Seeing Aspen Through a Teenager’s Eyes

Seeing Aspen Through a Teenager's Eyes It has been a long time since I have actually written about the children of Aspen Real Life, as soon as the older ones turned 14, all bets were off....

Top Ten Ways to Help Keep Your Teen Safe

  There is a quiet buzz of concern one can hear if one listens carefully enough to the conversations of many parents in our valley regarding the health of our youth. Last year, while on...

College/Career Counseling for Students

College/Career Counseling for Students I would like to introduce you to Marilyn Seltzer, a friend and Career Coach in the Aspen schools. Marilyn is passionate about helping to guide high school students towards a prosperous...
Lead with Love in Aspen

Is Being a Parent a Thankless Job, or a Rewarding One?

Nobody told you how difficult it would be raising children, or if they did you may feel that you missed the main message. The ultimate question is, is it all worth it?

A Different Kind of Nanny in Aspen

As a live-in childcare provider, an Au Pair provides a unique cultural exchange experience and offers unmatched convenience for a family seeking childcare.