Family Camping in Aspen and Utah


Our camping stories include information on some of our favorite places to go tent and RV camping in our area, and in Moab.

Camping in Moab

I shudder to think of what camping alone with my two boys and Muki would have been like without my in-laws.

Escaping With My Children To The Desert

I have never stayed in one place for this long without taking off somewhere, anywhere, to break up the monotony and my life is truly getting more and more monotonous as I deal with troubled finances and rejection letters.

Flash Floods in Moab

Lucky to not be one of the few people needing rescue in Moab, we survived an interesting trip with flash floods and lightening bolts. The children loved riding Slick Rock and the parents had a good ole time hanging out in our Coleman Pop-Up Campers in the rain in between bike rides.

Hiking Canyonlands with Children

  Hiking Canyonlands with Children Desert rocks soaking up the rain Last week I loaded up Vini-Man with a tent, backpacks and a first aid kit the size of Paris Hilton’s hand bag and took off for...
Canyonlands Outdoor Ed

Preparing for Canyonlands with Children

Preparing for Canyonlands with Children “I’m bleeding mommy,” yelled Thumper as I typed away at my computer. “I’ll be there in a second,” I yelled not quite ready to handle yet another injury. I shot up...