Adventures in our mountains with our furry companions,
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None of these adventures on our mountains would be any fun without our furry companions, now would they be?

Rio Grande Trail: Aspen to Glenwood, and Back Taking what was going to be my one hour lunch loop, I got on my road bike and headed down towards the Catherine Store Road to ride up into Missouri Heights. I had...
Dogs of Aspen Yes, it's true. We have a whole lotta fur coats up here in Aspen, and most of them are worn proudly by our beloved canines. Aspen has the reputation as being dog-friendly, which is a deal breaker when those wanting...
Dogsledding with the Aspen Animal Shelter As one thing tends to lead to another, Hootie-Hoo's school project to encourage people, especially his mom, to save a dog lead to our getting our very own special dogsled adventure with Seth Sachson. Dogsledding...
It's Never Too Late To Save A Pet Hootie-Hoo and his friends are working on creating their own website as a school project for the Aspen Community School. The title is, "It's Never Too Late To Save A Pet." For...
Spring in Aspen is off-season but for local parents things get a little crazy. Nothing that another staycation at The Limelight Hotel can't cure!
I entered Sun Dog's 17th annual Canine Uphill on Buttermilk yesterday and it was far more peaceful than I ever would have imagined!
Biting The Dog That Bit Me I have somewhat recovered from the trauma of getting bitten by a dog while hiking a few months ago. The anxiety returns whenever I run in to the woman and her dog on the...
When one lives half an hour away, being present for all that is happening in the town of Aspen is a difficult task to achieve. It was time to book another staycation. This time our hotel of choice was the Aspen Meadows Resort, A Dolce Hotels and Resorts property.
The Little Nell Hotel personifies my belief that Aspen should be known not for its glitz and glamor but for its elegant and sporty visitors. Not that the glitz and glamor doesnt exist, it just doesnt prevail. One only has to enjoy a stay at Aspens top, five star, ski-in, ski-out hotel, as I did with my family this past Friday over Winterskol, to catch a glimpse of what Im talking about.