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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

What if I told you – you are perfect just how you are? … And maybe there are some minor daily tweaks we can work together on so that you can optimize the way you show up in your life? We spend so much of our days, heads down, ploughing through and we miss the part where we get to choose. Think of me as a Life Hack Trainer. I tell my clients  … “If all we do together is just change one tiny habit we can change your whole life.”

Did you ever think that how you live each day is how you live your life? If we could just take each day as a microcosm of the entire way we show up, then we would not feel so overwhelmed by a nagging desire to “Transform” and “Change”.

You may be thinking, “I can do that myself!” Well, if you could you likely already would have. Many of us need support,  in my coaching I provide awareness, accountability, empathetic listening, and guidance. I help you to help yourself by working with you to get unstuck and feel ALIVE.
Think about this, if a pilot changes his direction one degree he could end up in a whole other part of the world. Crazy right? I say, small hinges swing big doors.
Clients come to me who feel unfulfilled. Usually these clients are in midlife and are high achievers… sound familiar? They have done everything they were told to do; maybe that was: get married, have kids, become head of the company, compete and finish the Power of 4! Whatever it is, they have done it, but they still don’t feel happy … they still don’t feel joy.
And why not? Because the shiny thing we are taught to chase isn’t out there. It is inside of us, waiting for us to figure that out our whole lives. And how do we unlock this happiness? Through finding small keys (chime in here with daily Habits!) that unlock our full potential as humans. Being happy is free, and it is our birthright.
Change Your Habits, Change Your Life
So who am I?
I am Lady Fuller a  an entrepreneur, advocate and mom who re-invented myself after a divorce, quitting drinking (4 years!) and, experiencing the wonderful highs and deep lows of CEO life. I spent about 10 years trying to find happiness. I was homesick for myself. When I finally figured out that I was the one in my way, everything changed. My responses changed, my mindset shifted, and I found the part of me that I had been searching for. A part of me that had always been there.
Sound intriguing? (UMMM – it is)
… For busy folks I suggest my 30 Days to Sleep like a Baby or 90 Days to Get out of Your own Way
What if I told you in one session I could guide you towards a life with a higher set level of Happiness? Pretty good right? Schedule a free session (Aspen Business Connect members only). | email [email protected] | website
Author: Lady Reiss Fuller

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