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Change your mind – Change your life…

Trained as a hypnotist in RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) as well as a Past Life Soul Regression guide, Michelle Bryan takes her clients inward to explore their own sub-conscious patterns. Based in Basalt, Colorado, Bryan helps her clients to be free of that which they are struggling with and to lose those behavioral patterns forever; from losing weight, ridding oneself of anxiety, feeling more confident, or even to make money. Hypnosis does not put one to sleep but rather awakens one to a better life, and to being that person that one most wants to be.

Recognizing that the brain operates in a very small margin of consciousness (about 5%), clients begin to realize that they are functioning, for better or worse, from their SUB-CONSCIOUS programming from a program imprinted from birth, or before, to about 12 years of age. Through hypnosis, the programming is updated regardless of the struggle; anxiety/depression, addictions of any kind, eating disorders, self-sabotage, etc.

If you are seeking a solid foundation rooted in peace, contentment, and a happy balance of MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.  Michelle can help guide you on your own inner journey to peace, stability and joy. Contact her at [email protected]

I had ZERO desire to make changes in my health before my session with Michelle. In fact, I told her that perhaps I shouldn’t be hypnotized around health because I wasn’t in a place to do so. I know that you need a core desire to shift a situation in order for your subconscious mind to accept the new script. Regardless, here I am now: 57 days into this challenge, 100% committed. I’m not even dying for it to be over, to be honest. These changes feel sustainable and like something I want to keep moving forward with.

I cannot emphasize enough just how much my headspace has changed since my session with her. It’s hard to see it until you look back at the long view….but once you do, it’s *&*%’n dramatic.

Marisa Adele @ Healing Point Therapeutics 
Michelle Bryan, RTT Trained Hypnotist in RTT & Past Life Soul Regression guide

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