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Creating a Culture of Community and Opening the Channels of Support

Aspen Business Connect Founder, Jillian Livingston, and CEO & Founder of LINC, Jeffrey Alan Hoffman held an empowering conversation about creating a culture of community and opening the channels of support.

LINC was a Los Angeles-based social organization that integrated the best practices of word-of-mouth marketing and professional growth into one unique system. Jeffrey also served as the lead corporate trainer for the well-known peak performance coach Tony Robbins, and between 1994-1997, he served as Governor Pete Wilsons’ director of the California Mentor Initiative, a statewide public awareness campaign encouraging California citizens to volunteer as mentors for youth-at-risk.

Mr. Hoffman is a graduate of Sacramento State University. As a football player for the Hornets, he was twice named to the All America team, later signing free-agent contracts with the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. Reserve ticket for entry.

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