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Discovering the Root Causes of our Immune Deficiencies Through BioMeridian Testing

Each of our immune systems are distinctly different, and therefore, a “one size fits all” approach to strengthening our immune systems simply does not work. Sure, we may all benefit from supplementing with the basic immune builders, such as zinc and Vitamins C, but if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that this approach may not be enough to create a robust immune system. BioMeridian Testing can give us a clear path towards discovering and healing the root causes of our health issues.

The Science of Epigenetics

This is because we all have different constitutions (or genetic makeup), lifestyles, traumas, thought patterns, pathogenic microbes and environmental influences. The latter five factors comprise our epigenetics. The definition of the science of epigenetics is, “the study of heritable changes in gene expression that do not involve changes in underlying DNA sequence, which in turn affect how cells read the genes”. In laymen terms, the discovery of epigenetic in 1942 speaks to how the mind and our environment can control bodily functions by turning genes either on or off. This scientific finding offers a highly liberating alternative to the Western paradigm which states that your genes create your destiny.

Your Genes Do Not Necessarily Create Your Destiny

Why is this so important? Because our inherent uniqueness should be something that is explored and celebrated, rather than suppressed and offered a cookie cutter treatment plan. The science of epigenetics also shifts our framework from the Western allopathic approach of reactionary treatment to preventative medicine. I think we can all agree that in many circumstances it is easier to prevent COVID-19 than it is to treat it.

Discovering Root Causes of Disharmony In Our Bodily Systems

Here, at Aspen Elevated Health, we seek to treat the root causes of disharmony in our client’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. We do this out of respect for our client’s constitution as well as their lifestyle, emotional state, significant physical and emotional traumas, spiritual path, etc. To put it frankly, we offer an anti-cookie cutter approach to health and wellness. 

BioMeridian Testing

In addition to offering Chinese Medical Evaluations and treatments, Ortho-Bionomy, massage, private yoga and meditation, and private Quantum Healing Breathwork Sessions, we now offer BioMeridian Testing. BioMeridian testing gets to the source of your underlying health issues. It is also widely known as Bio-Energetic Stress Testing.

This technique measures the flow of energy, or more specifically the resistance to the flow of electrons in a person through their skin. The technology found in the BioMeridian combines the life work of two doctors. Dr. Reckeweg spent his life documenting the 6 phases of 600 different conditions and their progression. The other, Dr. Reinhold Voll, documented the acupressure points. When measured these points accurately show the functions of the tissues and organs associated with that point. The BioMeridian Test can reveal; food sensitivities, environmental toxins, parasites, viruses, bacteria, mold, heavy metals, lyme disease and more, and what systems of the body are stressed.   

Once you know the root causes of your health issues you have a path forward. You will be presented with an easy to read graph, a list of your sensitivities, and a customized treatment plan that consists of natural remedies and therapeutic baths. Since all of our practitioners work collaboratively, you will have access to supportive therapies to assist you on your healing journey.

Please call us at 970-379-6019 to request more information or to book your initial BioMeridian Test. We look forward to elevating your health!

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