Top Gyms Near Aspen for Strength and Endurance Training
THRIVE Group Functional Strength Training in Basalt

Top Gyms Near Aspen

Whether one’s goal is weight loss, injury rehabilitation, increased strength/flexibility, or simply just to get a great workout, we have listed our top choices for gyms in the valley to build upper and lower body power, build full-body strength and to enhance cardiovascular fitness.

Jean-Robert’s Gym

In 1989, world renowned trainer Jean-Robert Barbette had a vision to create a state-of-the-art gym that inspired and fostered a desire for improved health and lifestyles. Beginning from a humble 400 square foot facility, Jean-Robert now has a gorgeous 15,000 square feet gym with views facing Aspen, Smuggler and downvalley with the best in cutting edge equipment, personal training and becoming an integral part of supporting the active community of Aspen, Colorado. Inquire about his downstairs gym for a more affordable option. He also now has a gym in Willits Town Center.

Offering swimming, personal training, spin classes, strength training for skiing and numerous customized programs, you can easily find what you are looking for. You can even relax in the spa or enjoy a therapeutic massage in their beautiful and peaceful massage center after a hard workout.

Red Brick Gym

The Red Brick Gym is one of Aspen’s best-kept secrets with affordable classes that have included; Spin, Booty Barre Fusion, Ski Conditioning, Pilates and Yoga. They also have Body Pump classes with incredible instructors, and hopefully, Gabrielle or Andrea will return apres Covid-19 to get you to shake your booty on the cushioned dancefloor. They will bring out moves in you that you never knew you had in Zumba and Dance Cardio.

There is also gymnastics for our youth and the Aspen Valley Ski Club uses the gym and trampolines for training. Another secret? For your young ‘uns, book the gym for a birthday party. The floor is padded so parents can relax while the kids bounce, roll and attack the fun soft contraptions meant for working out.

Snowmass Rec Center

Snowmass Rec Center has more affordable classes in a nice airy gym and offered spin classes, a bouldering cave, climbing wall, gymnasium, and outdoor basketball court. All of their outdoor pools are on a salt sanitation system. They also have sand volleyball courts, tennis & pickleball courts, a weight room, and an awesome outdoor skate park.

THE ASPEN RECREATION CENTER IS CURRENTLY CLOSED › The City of Aspen is working hard to protect the health of our community & visitors and to that end you will see that we have closed various City facilities to the public starting on 3/12/2020.

* (8/21/2020) The Aspen Recreation Center, Red Brick Gym, Aspen Ice Garden and Red Brick Center for the Arts are closed until further notice. Please know all Recreation Passes will be extended for the amount of time left on your pass.

Aspen Rec Center (ARC)

Located near the Aspen High School, the Aspen Recreation Center is a facility used by adults and youth. Below you will see a list of their features in the facility for working out, there is also an indoor pool for swimming laps. Click here for more information.

* (8/21/2020) The Aspen Recreation Center, Red Brick Gym, Aspen Ice Garden, and Red Brick Center for the Arts are closed until further notice. Please know all Recreation Passes will be extended for the amount of time left on your pass.

** For parents, you MUST check out the Aspen Youth Center located within the ARC. The Aspen Youth Center provides a safe and supportive environment for the kids to use the space to grow and try new things. The Aspen Youth Center provides something for everyone whether it is a quiet place to do homework or somewhere to shoot hoops. Their space includes a game room with a pool table, bumper pool, air hockey, ping pong, and foosball. There is a media room with 4 TV’s where we can watch movies or kids can play video games (each child is allowed 50 minutes of video games a day and they have to play with a friend). This space also has couches and board games. There is a full kitchen for cooking and art, as well as a gym with a basketball hoop to play dodgeball and indoor games. There is a separate 7th and 8th grade room with a TV and couches, and a computer lab for kids doing homework. With all of this space, a wide range of activities for every type of child is offered.

Art of Fitness Pilates, Gyrotonics and Stretching

Located in the Obermeyer Place near the Rio Grande park in Aspen,

Aspen Pilates Studios and Fitness Centers

The Art of Fitness

The Art of Fitness is a Pilates studio owned by Denise Searle (who also owns The Fix Body Recovery). At The Art of Fitness the Pilates instructors are some of the best in the valley and are all  PMA approved (Pilates Method Alliance).

Check out The Fix Aspen for their wide range of therapies including; Cryotherapy, CryoSkin, NovoTHOR, Laser, Massage and Skin Care.

If one is looking for a fitness center in Aspen and Snowmass one may buy memberships to The Art of Fitness; a Pilates studio owned by Denise Searle (who also owns The Fix Body Recovery). At The Art of Fitness the Pilates instructors are some of the best in the valley and are all  PMA approved (Pilates Method Alliance)

Pilates at the Art of Fitness is second to none. The instructors are terrific. If I go in needing strength, I come out feeling stronger. If I go in needing peace, I come out with more clarity. If I go in with pain, I come out feeling stretched and lengthened. They have mastered the ability to customize each session and I am grateful.

Jamie Montgomery Helzberg

TAC Fitness in Basalt

At TAC Fitness health in mind, body, & spirit is their objective. A beautiful gym with excellent trainers and classes, this is the gym we would go to if we lived down valley. In addition to fitness, we support this objective with Therapists, Nutritionists, Massage & Bodywork, Workplace Wellness, & More.

President/CEO of TAC Fitness, Amanda Wagner learned quickly out of college that she can’t do what she loves if she did not spend time consistently focusing on her personal health and wellness. So after 10 years in the hospitality industry, she quit her job, got her Personal Training and Health Coaching Certifications and helped start TAC.

4 Motion Fitness Basalt

4 Motion Fitness is the only THRIVE licensed training facility in Colorado.  THRIVE is a unique cutting-edge fitness model that provides customized training programs and personal coaching for every single member. The workout consists of functionally sound movement training, strength training and conditioning with a strong focus on basic and proper technique.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is more than just a barre workout; it’s a lifestyle. At Pure Barre, women and men share a sense of community that inspires and empowers each others’ fitness and lifestyle goals.

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