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It All Begins with Community

Aspen Business Connect events are not only a way to easily meet the business professionals of our valley and open up circles for enriching new relationships and collaborations, but they are also to connect deeper within our incredible Roaring Fork Valley Community, because it all begins with community.

[su_quote cite=”Harry Teague Architects”]Thank you Aspen Real Life and your team. Very informative and well organized panel discussion. Wonderful to network with such a smart, fun crowd. Keep up the good work. [/su_quote]

As the youngest of three, with two older popular sisters, I was that girl who everyone knew, which naturally has led for me to create a world wherever I go that feels like one big family. Whenever I travel I seek out the locals so that I don’t feel on the periphery of it all. Even when I lived in New York City I went for the small town feel by revisiting the same neighborhood restaurants, bars and cultural venues, and soon everyone knew my name. But in the city one can also break out of one’s neighborhood and get that exotic feel of anonymity. Whenever I felt like things were getting too homogenous, I’d break away and try something new and expand my horizons. Even life in Aspen can lend itself to this type of life travel, but one has to make the effort to branch outside their own social circles. As small as this valley may seem, I am constantly amazed when I meet new people who have lived here as long as I have, or longer.

[su_quote cite=”Marissa Hallsted, The Mindful Vine”]We thought you’d love that we all connected over a fabulous dinner. Turned into a blog post, a master mind group, a newly designed ring from gems from my ancestors and who knows great collaborations between some of us in the future! Thanks for being our connector and for all you do!![/su_quote] 

And then there is the element of community that is so important to nurture. The Lake Christine Fire has been a true testament to how strong our community in this valley truly is, revealing how important it is to help and connect with others. But community is not only about banding together at times of adversity, but also to give support, motivate and inspire one another at any given moment. We need community to keep the energy alive and add new dimensions to one’s life, as well as to diffuse the monotony and stress that life can bring if one gets to stuck in one’s own routine.

[su_quote cite=”Christopher Palasz” url=””]Reflecting on these moments is fulfilling because they are a clear example that as humans our ultimate resource is our ability to create happiness and as a result emerge in a natural state of pure enjoyment. By being present and giving to each other, these complete strangers gifted one another with what the soul seeks: a higher intent of connection. Magnificent creations cannot be overseen for our lives are not just meant to be livable; rather, they are meant to be memorable.[/su_quote]

From the testimonials and feedback we have been receiving, these Aspen Business Connect events are enhancing an eco-system that needs nurturing. I have heard stories of new business relations and collaborations being made and even people hired, or asked out on a date. And the best part of these events? They meld together a colorful blend of interests, ages and professions from all over the valley.

[su_quote cite=”Michele Cardamone of Michele Cardamone Photography”]I just went to Jillian’s Aspen Business Connect meeting at Aspen Kitchen with a panel discussing the importance of eating local and nutritious food without pesticides. There was so much positive energy in the room and such an eclectic mix of local business representatives. It was such a perfect way to connect with members of our community. Bravo, Jillian! I can’t wait for more! [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”CRMPI”]Last week Jerome, Eden, and Brook melted our minds with their wisdom on the state of our food systems, what they’re doing about it, and what we can all do to improve the health of ourselves and the Earth. Thanks Aspen Business Connect for organizing this great event![/su_quote]

Photos by Luke Dahlgren Photography

If you would like to promote your brand and show your support of these community events, please email [email protected] We promise, you will be glad you did.



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