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Luis Yllanes, Executive Director 5Point Film

Written by Scott Mullens

Can you tell us a little about 5Point Film?

5Point Film is a non-profit film organization that primarily showcases documentary films centered around communal and personal adventure. Documentaries; especially short documentaries have really blossomed over the past 5-10 years. We went from a 1-evening event to what is now a 4-day film event and have grown to become a year-round organization. In addition to our 4-day event, we have a fund that supports filmmakers, an education component that supports high school students, and we work with schools where we offer a free student reel. As an organization 5Point is centered around community and sharing personal, impactful stories through film.

What are your goals for the new year?

I just completed my 1-year anniversary with 5Point, and I’ve learned so much and am excited to continue to lead the organization to fulfill its core mission. Covid impacted us like other organizations, and we’re looking forward to reconnecting in person with our audiences and having that communal experience of sharing a love of film. So that’s something I want to continue to work on and continue finding ways to engage our audiences throughout the valley by sharing personal stories through film about overcoming adversity, and inspiring folks to get outdoors.

How may other members help/support you?

Attending the festivals is a great start! When people come to our events, they realize it’s not just about watching these really inspiring films, it’s the aspect of also seeing the director or subject of the film on the stage, learning the process of what it takes to create that film, and the experience of sharing that with others is amazing. We have this incredible space – the Carbondale Recreation Center which gets converted into an 800-seat theater, and you can feel the emotion in there. The audience responds to that, and the filmmakers love it since they want their works to be seen in that kind of space. That’s really the best way for members of our network to connect with 5Point. Also, for those who might be interested, volunteering at the festival is also a great way to be connected. The website is

The 16th Annual Flagship 5Point Adventure Film Festival is April 19-23rd.

 5Point 5K

Sign up for the first annual 5Point 5K fun run! Run with filmmakers, special guests, and the Carbondale community at 8:00 am on Saturday, April 22. All are welcome! Event details and registration.

5Point Heart Beats

For the first time ever, 5Point is complementing its film programming with a free music series from 4:00 pm at the Carbondale Recreation Center on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Come groove to iZCALLi (Thursday), Brothers of Brass (Friday), and a very special performance from local yacht rock legends, The Davenports on Saturday. It’s FREE!

5Point Late Night Laughs

Thursday night from 10:00 pm will be Late Night Laughs – 5Point’s first-ever stand-up comedy night. Doing double duty as emcee, Eeland Stribling has recruited some of his funniest friends from Denver for an exclusive late-night performance at the Black Nugget in Carbondale. Featuring: Salma Zaky, Gabby Gutierrez-Reed, and  Sammy Anzer.

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