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N = 1 Exposure Experience with Emily Hightower and SH//FT

SH//FT has been given exclusive access to the Aspen HPX facility hosted by Sheldon and Katie Wolitsky to give 20 people the N = 1 Exposure Experience. Your coaches, Brian MacKenzie and Emily Hightower have curated this N = 1 Exposure Experience from their collective 40 + years in stress physiology and human performance fields.

Anxious or Adapted? It’s YOUR choice

Your stress isn’t causing anxiety, overwhelm, depression, or lack of fulfillment. If mitigating stress were the solution, we’d be stable and happy. After all, we spend billions of dollars each year on productivity tools, talk therapy, and mood-altering medications yet we continue to collectively suffer.

Meanwhile, SH//FT has discovered that stress isn’t the problem; our patterned reactivity to stress is. This is where you have power. Stress isn’t going anywhere, and it’s not special. Stress is a vital part of our evolution. Without it, we would lack the very fulfillment, authenticity, and connection we crave.

The tools you need to adapt to and strive through stress are right under your nose.


What is it?

A rare personal experience that is different each time SH//FT offers it. You’ll learn to FEEL your stress and RESPOND to it skillfully with your own body through titrated exposure to natural experiences. You’ll discover the power and practice of well-applied breathing techniques, explore the deep end of a pool, dunk in ice, soak in a sauna, and be invited to creative challenges that ignite your potential in real-time.

Day one, the coaches at SH//FT teach you how to handle Surface Stress using your physiology. On day two we dive into the Deep Work of understanding how your attachments cause reactive patterns that hold you back from being your authentic self. You’ll learn how to use tangible tools to unlock the confidence you need to face primal fears with skill, reinforcing healthy patterns of response and personal power.

You are the “N”, the factor in this experiment called “Life”. The stress of our times requires a tactical approach that re-engages our bodies, not just our minds. We can show you how.

Save your Spot for Apr. 23rd and 24th

thank you,
Emily Hightower

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and Aspen Real Life takes no responsibility for any reader who voluntarily undertakes any exercise displayed on this website, you assume the risk of any resulting injury

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