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pro ski bum

I was getting on the chair single, when an older man skied up to ride the chair with me. As always a conversation ensued. I can tell immediately if I should whip out my video camera and interview the person for their interesting and/or inspiring story, but opt first to get to know one another, create a comfort level, and in the last 10 mins ask if I can interview them right then and there on the chair.

The man’s name was Akos “from Seattle” but he had a thick Germanic accent. Having a British mum who often answers “Massachusetts” when people ask her where she is from, I knew not to push, although I have never understand that. My mum is proud to be British so why not just say she’s from Leicestershire.

Akos was a self-proclaimed “Pro Ski Bum” and had figured out the most economical way to travel throughout Colorado in his motorhome on an annual four month ski trip. His secret? He purchased six Colorado ski passes i.e.; Collective Pass, Max Pass, Elevation Pass etc…

A genuine and friendly man, Akos told his stories, revealing that he had no problems making friends on his journeys, but his ultimate desire was to find a traveling companion, male or female, to embark on his journey with him where he stays at each resort for 2-3 days and moves on.

When we got off the chairlift he considered hiking the bowl with me but seemed more in the mood for corduroy groomers and so we exchanged contact information and parted ways with an open invitation for an interview the next day if time allowed before he moved on. Time did not allow.

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