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Simon Dogbe – Financial Advisor

Interviewed by Aspen Business Connect member Scott Mullens

Tell us a little about your business and what’s been keeping you most busy these days. I run a local financial advisory practice. We offer comprehensive financial planning and are a bit more strategic than a traditional financial advisor in that we look at all aspects of our client’s financial situation and really focus on helping them hit their financial goals; whether it’s retirement by a certain age, or sending kids off to school, buying a house, or simply increasing their wealth. Additionally, if clients come to us with a financial advisor who they have been working with, we’re able to help piggyback on what they’re doing and work together with that advisor. We offer a very comprehensive service.

As a financial advisor, any general thoughts about the economy heading into 2023? Well generally speaking, in all honesty, it’s about sticking to the plan. It’s best not to get too caught up listening to the news and suddenly pivot when the news dramatizes, whether on the positive or the negative. 

What brought you to join Aspen business connect?  I’ve known Jillian for a long time, but I’ve been a member of Aspen Business Connect for about a year. I was able to free up some time and it made sense for me to finally join. Like other business owners in whatever field they may happen to be in, I joined to connect with other people who are invested in the community as well, who reside here and want to grow their business in the right way. The underline for any business is growth, but we also want to do it correctly with other vested people and help each other grow. “One In All In”, as they say. From a business perspective, I get a lot of questions once I go through someone’s entire financial plan, and often they might want a referral to other fields as well, so it helps to know other business owners I can refer them to and Aspen Business Connect has been beneficial for that as well.  

I may not have as much time to be as active in the group as I would like, but I love the camaraderie aspect. It’s a chance to connect with other business owners in a similar state of life, and to network and get to know people.

How can the members of Aspen Business Connect help support you? That’s a good question. I guess I’m no different than others, in that we would all like decent referrals for our target markets. Although I’m an Aspen business, I am licensed all over the country, so any referrals are great, I work with clients throughout the country. Thank you!

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