A Mother Gives Thanks
Jillian Livingston

Imagining Life Without Children

[su_heading size=”28″]Imagining Life Without Children[/su_heading] When people ask me if I love having children my answer is always conflicted. Honestly, I love having children. It

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Corby Anderson: Sporks for Sticks

Today I invite you to enjoy a true story written by a guest blogger, Corby Anderson. Corby is a freelance writer who writes from the spidery loft of an old cabin on a truck ranch in Emma, Colorado.

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Ask5for5: Help Children in East Africa

So many of us are struggling right now. In transition. Letting go of places we love. But most of us are not starving and have clean water, heat and a roof over our heads. What about those less fortunate? What can we do for them?

This week is Social Media Week and I am one of 150 bloggers throughout the world sending a message from guest blogger Sarah Lessen. 12.4 million people are in need of emergency assistance in Africa right now. Children are dying from starvation. Sarah shows us just one small way we can help them. Let’s do it together.

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