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Elevate Dental Wellness: An Advanced Preventative Dental Practice Elevate Dental Wellness: An Advanced Preventative Dental Practice Pretty soon after I moved from Basalt to Aspen I started hearing about a dentistry practice in Willits, Elevate...

Chapter Two: Our Dream House

I had to sheepishly apologize to the crew for moving in before they were ready for us. I couldn't stand to live in our tiny condo anymore. Two years was enough. I agree that living in small areas keeps the family closer together but Im not convinced this was healthy for our particular family.

Seeing Aspen Through a Teenager’s Eyes

Seeing Aspen Through a Teenager's Eyes It has been a long time since I have actually written about the children of Aspen Real Life, as soon...

Living in Basalt, Colorado was your summer? Are you sad that your kids are back in school? I'm not!

Saved by a Cowboy

An unexpected adventure happened yesterday when I went on a bike ride with a friend along the back roads of Old Snowmass.

Raising Teens in a Legalized Marijuana State

Raising a teen in the legalized marijuana state of Colorado isn't easy, but somebody's gotta do it!

The American West, Dangerously Romantic

What was the allure for a young man from the, "uber-white bread, super-affluent, and mostly-comforting town of Highland Park, Illinois," to become a counselor at The C Lazy U Guest Ranch and Spa? Alex Seedman, one of our favorite counselors at the ranch, wrote his answer for us as a guest blogger here at Aspen Real Life.