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Moving From Old Snowmass to Basalt, Colorado

Anybody who has moved understands the emotional and physical distress it causes, and here we are possibly about to do it again! Anybody want a home on a gorgeous lot in Basalt, Colorado?

Moving From Rural to Suburbia

Moving from our contemporary home in the country-side to our vinyl home in town has had its glitches but somehow, beneath the stresses of mold and monsters, we are content.

Next Chapter, Basalt, Colorado

Moving from house to house is not easy but the transitions that occur with each move are enlightening. It is not the life I planned for my children but in today's world it seems to be the way it is. If you haven't had to move, consider yourself lucky!

Moving In With Family

Moving out of our home and moving in with our extended family was nice and cozy, to say the least. Thank you Michele, Jim, Devon, Nikki, India and Loki!!!

The Sadness of Having to Move

So many families are in transition right now, moving from the homes they love to rent and we are one of them. But as life would have it, there is always humor tossed in amongst the stress and the disbelief of the work load, if you choose to let it in to help you than you'll make it through.

Renting A Home

With our house closing on Monday and no home to move into things are getting very interesting over here at Aspen REAL Life.