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Chapter Two: Our Dream House

I had to sheepishly apologize to the crew for moving in before they were ready for us. I couldn't stand to live in our tiny condo anymore. Two years was enough. I agree that living in small areas keeps the family closer together but Im not convinced this was healthy for our particular family.

Saved by a Cowboy

An unexpected adventure happened yesterday when I went on a bike ride with a friend along the back roads of Old Snowmass.

Best Mountain Biking Trails in Aspen

I've decided to get re-acquainted with mountain biking and quit working...at least this week anyway, the last week before school gets out for the summer. Come join me as I take you on the mountain biking trails around the Roaring Fork Valley, starting with this one on Light Hill in Old Snowmass.

Hearing a Gunshot in Old Snowmass

Although I do miss living in the country, maybe I was not quite cut out for country living.

Having to Move From Our Dream House

So many of us are having to let go right now. Even though I try not to get attached to material things I still can't shake the sadness of having to leave our Paradise.