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What to Do with your Kids on a Snow Day?

What to do with your kids on a snow day Yesterday I got the call at 6:00am that it was a snow day and there...

Enjoy Them While They Are Tweenagers

My oldest son is teetering on the edge of innocence and as I get a glimpse of his teenage years to come I get more and more worried, especially since he closely resembles yours truly.

Maximize Child Time Before They Leave You

I am hanging on for dear life to their cherished innocence and love for me. It is flying by way to fast. If I don’t establish a closeness with them now, than what kind of relationship will we have when they are moody teenagers?

Watching Children Grow Into Daredevils

Watching Children Grow Into Daredevils Wednesday's are Baddy's evening to be full on testosterone with his friends. In the wintertime they race up mountains on skins...