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Testimonial: Aspen Business Connect

The benefits of joining Aspen Business Connect are difficult to describe in a list and so when new member Corneliu Faragasan offered to talk about his experience via video, we happily complied. Architect and beautiful human being, Corneliu helps to explain what happens behind the scenes, encouraging everyone to join our professional social network comprised of business professionals known for excellence in customer service and products. Together we are strengthening our economy and the vitality of our valley through connection.

The successful networkers I know, the ones receiving tons of referrals and feeling truly happy about themselves, continually put the other person’s needs ahead of their own.

Bob Burg

As travel writers, when we get to a new place the first thing we do is find all of the local watering holes and from there, our journey gets mapped out for us with every local we meet. We began our lifestyle blog in 2009 to document the inspirational and empowering people and places we were finding throughout Colorado. We then began Aspen Business Connect to introduce those people to each other. Members are introduced to our expanded network of contacts and gain access to our private communication platform and resources that will help enhance their businesses. Member profiles are also featured in our Aspen Business Connect directory. If you would like to become a sponsor of our network, get featured in our directory, and/or host meet-ups as a Community Partner, we encourage you to join in on one of the coolest organizations happening right now in our valley.

To sponsor our network or to refer professionals you admire email [email protected]

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