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Trevor Kennison, Adaptive Athlete, Motivational Speaker

Trevor Kennison, Adaptive Athlete, Motivational Speaker

The other day I was asked what my superpower was. Staring blankly out at the mountains outside my window the cogs in the wheels of my brain spinned. My superpower? Did she mean my Inner-Jedi? I mean, I run my family like I’m the badass Sheriff in town. I’m horrible with time and live hard in the moment. I need to be outside as much as possible, as long as I have my double-down on. I’m passionate about life, and thrive off of positive people’s energy, with little patience for whiners. I adore my family and inner-sanctum fearlessly, dogs and kids gravitate towards me, and I often have embarrassing moments of elation just for the thrill of being alive  … but my superpower? Could all of those things be my superpowers? If so, that’s cool.

Living in a cultural hub such as Aspen with world renown organizations bringing in top leaders in every industry, we witness in intimate settings individuals in full superpower mode all the time. After experiencing the power emanating from these intellectuals we walk away wondering how we can rise to that level and make a positive difference in our world. Only lately have I realized that if laser focused and not distracted by negative thoughts or self-doubt, it is entirely possible that I can get somewhere close to there. What I know is that just the endeavor of trying is making me feeling completely happy, motivated and alive.

The speakers/musicians/leaders/individuals I have encountered who have carried that spark of aliveness, giving of themselves so completely to what they are passionate about have left me wanting to experience it for myself. That is what drew me in to reach out to Trevor Kennison, an adaptive athlete and alpine ski racer, whose superpower lies within his unwavering passion for feeling totally alive and free in the mountains he loves.

Growing up in Keene, New Hampshire in a very athletic family; his father a marathon runner (competing in three Iron Man comps and 27 consecutive marathons thus far), and his mother a semi-pro soccer player, Trevor’s life has always been about accelerating in sports. From Junior Olympic Swim Racing, to freestyle snowboarding,  he has felt most alive when engaging in physical activity.

In 2014 Trevor landed a jump wrong while in the backcountry on Vail Pass resulting in a fused spine and two 12-inch rods placed in his back. Where once he walked to all of his sports, he now needs a wheelchair to get to his mono ski, surf or wakeboard, hang glider, or any sport presented to him, and he does it with the most beautiful radiant smile. When I asked Trevor what his superpower was he smiled and stared off into the mountains, unsure of his answer, but I can tell you that his superpower lies within his positive demeanor, and his hunger to feeling totally alive and free.

With support from the High Fives Foundation Trevor has ambitions, after he recovers from surgery from a recently broken Tibia, to return to training with the National Sports Center For the Disabled out of Winter Park, to be in the Paralympics and XGames, and to become a public speaker to help others to realize that injuries don’t mean the end, but rather the beginning of a new life.

Reach out to Trevor on Instagram @Colombianwheels; Facebook, Trevor Kennison; and his website coming soon:

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