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Marble Bar Aspen: Women Empowering Women

What is Aspen Business Connect

At Aspen Business Connect we believe in having a positive impact in our community by promoting, supporting and growing ideas and businesses, and it was an absolute dream come true to have an incredibly inspiring and meaningful conversation last week with a compelling and moving topic, “Women Empowering Women.”

The event held at The Marble Bar Aspen in the Hyatt Regency Residences began at 5pm where guests began socializing at the beautiful bar over delicious Charcuterie platters donated by our sponsor, Clark’s Aspen, served on marble. Since many people appreciate that our events offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, we brought in Dragon Fly Jun Pro-Biotic effervescent tea. Specially priced Marble Distillery crafted cocktails included The Deputy Dog with grapefruit infused vodka, grapefruit juice and grapefruit soda, and The Marble Mule with Marble Vodka, Marble Gingercello and Ginger Beer. Many people were drinking the lemon-ginger Dragon-Fly Kombucha alone, others had it with Gingercello or Marble Vodka.

What a feeling it was to scan the beautiful venue with a marble bar that runs the length of over half the room, and see every seat taken with amazing men and women.  The conversation was led by invited presenters; Michèle Cardamone of Michele Cardamone Photography; Sue O’Bryan, Partner at OSCLM and Interim Executive Director of Alpine Legal Services; and Gina D’Orazio Stryker, Founder of organic, non-GMO Gina Cucina Soups. As a female local business owner myself who produces and directs these events, I felt it important to moderate this one.

Aspen Business Connect Presenters

Michele Cardamone Photography

Michele Cardamone, Owner of Michele Cardamone Photography, is a local contemporary portrait photographer. Michèle and I (she is my sister) grew up in our white house on a hill back in Massachusetts with walls filled with one of the finest art collections of 19th Century Fairy Art owned and collected by our British mum. Michele’s outside backdrops remind me of those painting masters and their magical fairy backgrounds.

Michèle has a photography studio located at the Aspen Airport Business Center above King Yoga. Her hard-earned success has allowed her to give back to the community by contributing her time to create portraits that serve as a visual tool for non-profits such as; English in Action, to better connect their mission with our community.


Michèle’s clients include; Authors, TV producers, celebrities, fashion designers, but most importantly the men, women, students and children that live and work in Aspen. Michèle captures evocatively beautiful photographs that are visually interesting and creative and compelling to all who view them. Michèle instinctively identifies with her subjects, drawing out their essence and visually revealing their truths. Using natural light she reveals the inner beauty of the people she photographs as well as the interconnectedness of families and communities.

Sue O’Bryan of OSC Law & Mediation

Sue O’Bryan, is the Interim Executive Director of Alpine Legal Services, and a Partner at OSC Law & Mediation, O’Bryan Simeone Counseling Law & Mediation. Starting her career as an electrical engineer she eventually went to law school and and worked as a Patent Attorney for the prestigious Ackerman Senterfitt law firm in Palm Beach, Florida. Seeking a better quality of life, Sue and her family relocated to Aspen in 2004 where she joined Alpine Legal Services, allowing her to pursue her passion for helping those less fortunate in the areas of  domestic violence, family law, and Elder issues.

Sue is now transferring her extensive experience practicing law and litigation into focusing primarily on Mediation, with a specialization in all aspects of Family Law. She has completed formal training in Mediation, including working with the Jeffco Mediation Program in Golden, Colorado. Moreover, Sue has completed formal training in Collaborative Divorce Law with a focus to minimize trauma and suffering on families going through transition by employing alternative, humane approaches, such as Collaborative Law and Mediation.

Headquartered in Aspen, Colorado, OSC Law and Mediation, LLP represents their clients with passion and integrity. Their firm specializes in mediation, and Family law issues.  Their lawyers have a combined experience of 46 years of practicing law and serving clients throughout Colorado and Florida.

Gina Cucina Soups

Gina D’Orazio Stryker is the Founder of Gina Cucina Soups, non-GMO, organic, local-handcrafted soup made with love and goodness.  The family does the labeling, branding, chopping, working the markets, driving delivery trucks, and they all do the dishes. With two sets of twins, their two youngest make boxes for the Soup of the Month shipments. Back in Idaho, Gina’s older brother and her family have planted thousands of heirloom, Non-GMO, organic seeds and built a commercial kitchen in that tiny little mountain town she was raised in to help me. In turn, it’s brought a slew of jobs to a community in need. Gina Cucina is a seed-to-shelf business.

Gina moved our guests with her stories of human trafficking, telling us of how she created Bowls for Souls, an organization that works with Truckers Against Trafficking asking that anyone who trucks their product or brings Gina ingredients becomes certified on how to spot Human Trafficking. 

[su_quote cite=”Gina D’Orazio Stryker” url=””]Under our Bowls for Souls banner – we work with Truckers Against Trafficking asking that anyone who trucks our product or brings us ingredients becomes certified on how to spot Human Trafficking. In 2016 we won the FedEx Small Business Grant, Gina now serves on FedEx’s Entrepreneur Advisory Board and with that partnership, we were able to ask them to train their fleet on how to spot Human Trafficking. Along with TAT’s request, FedEx announced their partnership!! We are very excited about this program.[/su_quote]

Gina’s husband, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, is the founder of ParaYoga® and the author of The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom. Mr. Stryker is presenting at our next Aspen Connect event on September 20th at Aspen Chapel, “Keeping Spirituality in Business.”

Aspen Connect is currently sponsored by; Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Associates; Mike Eaton, Christy Mays Clettenberg and Carrie Bryant; MINDSET CO Consulting, OSC Law & Mediation Consulting Services, Colorado Audio Visual & Design, Clark’s Market, Dragonfly Jun, Michele Cardamone Photography, iOmounts, Lead with Love, and Hillz Salon Aspen. 

These events provide the opportunity to not only amplify the messages of our presenters and sponsors, but also to gather incredible people together to connect in beautiful local venues. By holding these events, which will be held quarterly after our last event September 20th, Aspen Business Connect connects the business professionals of our valley together in intimate settings with engaging conversations so that new relations and collaborations may be formed.


Aspen Business Connect brings us together so that we may support one other and open channels to creating a healthy positive environment, and we continue the conversation on Aspen Real Life through stories and interviews. As top Influencers we get messages out to a captivated audience.

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Photos by Cathy Miller Images



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