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Aspen Blogger Provides Opportunities for Small Businesses

DROPPING!!! Aspen’s most beloved blog just got a facelift and boy do we feel young and sassy. 2020 has been tremendously difficult for so many of us, but it only lit our fire to get moving on helping our local businesses. Miraculously, over the summer Consult Your Community gifted us with a team of business major interns and a rocking web developer to help us to realize that our dreams that we had absolutely and completely given up on could actually come true. Dreams of having a platform large enough to share inspiring voices, and to be a resource for concierges and guests visiting our valley, and dreams of delivering the best of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley businesses and adventures to our readers.

Best of Aspen

Those visiting Aspen’s lifestyle travel blog, AspenRealLife.Com, can find the most popular Roaring Fork Valley businesses to plan and enhance their stay while they are here.

Aspen Marketplace

A new feature that we are most excited to announce is our Aspen Marketplace, an online shop that our audience will love, featuring “Colorado Made” clothes, gear, art, health food, and other items that we haven’t even found yet. With so many talented and entrepreneurial creatives in our State, we felt the need to provide a marketplace to promote and sell the exceptional products and merchandise being produced.

Aspen Business Connect Memberships

Aspen Business Connect is a professional social referral network connecting business professionals to each other and to visitors of our Roaring Fork Valley. Aspen Business Connect members create a business profile on the online business network and immediately may begin building relationships with other members of our network. Members will be invited to private meetups and events, and also will receive market penetration with the sharing of content to our blog and Aspen Real Life and Aspen Business Connect social media platforms. It’s storytelling marketing at it’s finest. Aspen Business Connect is your social network to spread the word about your business and grow your sales. 

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