May 14th: Aspen Local Artist Axel Livingston at the Gonzo Gallery: It Never Got Weird Enough For Me - Aspen Real Life


May 14th: Aspen Local Artist Axel Livingston at the Gonzo Gallery: It Never Got Weird Enough For Me

Aspen local teen artist Axel Livingston has a solo exhibit at the Gonzo Gallery (renamed Fat City Gallery) named, “It Never Got Weird Enough for Me,” a quote by Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

Director of the gallery, DJ Watkins, curates art exhibits with a focus on the Gonzo era. Labeled as one of our country’s top 100 party throwers and somebody who can, “sell shampoo to a bald man” Watkins created the solo exhibit for Axel Livingston to show off his art. This is Axel’s third show in the Roaring Fork Valley and will be up in the gallery until May 14th, 2021 with a closing party that night 5-10 pm.

Livingston is a 19-year-old artist with a technique that can be described as organized chaos; a combination of mixed media, vibrant colors, lines, and forms are used to depict his layered messaging.

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, Livingston has a profound connection with nature and a fascination with the ideals of Gonzo journalism. His work has been influenced by the writings of Hunter S. Thompson and by the art of Ralph Steadman. Multi-faceted, the interpretation of Axel’s art is left to the individual, but if asked, Axel describes his work as a subconscious reflection of his reality and mental state.

Axel has struggled with OCD throughout his life and he uses his art to expel the overwhelming emotion and information he copes with. Axel hopes that his work will encourage others struggling with mental illness to understand the importance of self-expression and its ability to heal.

Axel received the 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing American Visions Award as well as several Gold Key Awards and will be studying Fine Art next Fall at the College For Creative Studies in Detroit. Michigan. Proceeds from sales of Axel’s artwork will go towards his college tuition.

CONTACT: [email protected] | 970-948-7933 | Instagram: @xel________


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