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Get Great Wellness Results with Candice Claire

Swan Sage Body Bliss: Your Ayurveda, Meditation and Aromatherapy Guide

Working my way naturally through some very difficult emotional and health challenges led me to my passion and purpose in life as a Wellness Coach/Teacher. My path encompassed meditation, essential oils, and Ayurveda – don’t get turned off by the word – it’s a Sanskrit word that means the science of life. In fact, Ayurveda is the oldest and still valid healing system on the planet dating back to over 5000 years.  It’s the system that developed meditation and yoga along with much more.  It truly is a science that has been tried and true and teaches us how to create optimal health for our unique constitutions. Do you settle for feeling just OK and have many excuses like “I’ve always been this way” or “I’m just getting older” or “I’ve tried everything”? I’m here to tell you that not feeling your best is your body’s magnificent communication to work with it because you CAN feel amazing at any age. The key is learning how to work with yourSelf to achieve that goal.

Chopra Certified Instructor

I began my journey in 2009 at the Chopra Center learning Primordial Sound Meditation because I knew I needed to calm anxiety and heal insomnia. I immediately was hooked. The road ahead was daunting but I knew a pill and a bill wouldn’t heal my issues and it was clear that I wanted to give mySelf true healing and not a bandaid. I’m happy to say I’ve not missed one day of meditation since which means you can do it too! After 6 months of regular meditation, I began the Chopra University process to become certified to teach their excellent Primordial Sound Meditation course, and immediately following that I became a certified instructor of Ayurvedic Lifestyle. It was clear to me that my role is one of teacher/coach. I find I can help people much more by teaching them practices and educating them in the context of Ayurveda’s practical habits. One doesn’t need to learn everything about Ayurveda; however, everyone benefits by incorporating the wisdom of its basic daily and seasonal practices. In fact, if one is already choosing natural treatments but not feeling optimal it’s because they are ignoring the foundational support with these practices. I offer a 10 week online course called Body Bliss (Yoga Health Coaching certified) that teaches the 10 most important Ayurvedic practices. It was a game-changer for me. I say I teach Ayurveda today because the principles wondrously always apply yet the conditions of the world we live in are quite different from 5000 years ago. I also love working with people one on one and always offer a free discovery call of about 20 minutes to start the process.

Wisdom of the Earth Teacher Aromatherapy Guide

At around the same time I was ravenously learning about the enormous benefits of this ancient wisdom, I also began learning about essential oils and they were and still are a very big part in my health and healing. I love turning people on to them and getting them off of chemically-laden perfumes and skincare! I attained certifications first from Floracopeia and then Wisdom of the Earth where I completed my Master Certification in Aromatherapy. I also am a certified Wisdom of the Earth teacher for those interested in a very thorough introductory training which really is important when using this beautiful plant medicine.

Swan Sage Body Bliss

My dream is to create a tribe of people who truly embrace health consciousness, so I offer a membership where I give two zoom masterclasses each month and a private forum on a responsible, ad free social platform so we can share, ask questions and support each other along the way. This is called Swan Sage Body Bliss. Each class I offer mini-challenges so people can actually have a very doable experience. I love to say that information doesn’t equal transformation. We need to actually have the experience to begin to embody our up-leveled Selves!

Body Bliss Cleanse

Because seasonal cleansing is deemed very important in Ayurveda, I offer a spring and fall Body Bliss Cleanse which people love! It is NOT the same cleanse for everyone. I believe that we have to do the right cleanse based on where we are in life and health. I offer several suggestions and we have lots of fun as well as discover empowerment on a whole new level.  I’ve had people who never cleansed before say they can’t wait until the next one! It’s rich in learning and support. My fall Body Bliss Cleanse begins on October 11 so get in touch with me now to learn more and sign up! Let’s talk! Email

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