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Uncover Your Core Frequency For Shifts in Your Business

What is Your Core Frequency?

Your core frequency is the essence and purity of you, and the foundation of your body, thoughts, and emotions.

You’ve accumulated patterns, inherited distorted thought forms, and taken on beliefs and other energies over the course of your life which can accumulate into a thick cloud or film, and darken your spark. These patterns and distortions can prevent the release and distribution of your pure spark’s inherent magnetism — and will most definitely have an impact on your business and your life.

How Does Your Core Frequency Influence Your Business?

Authenticity is something you cannot fake. You cannot journal nor vision board it into existence. You cannot mantra nor meditate for it, either. Your business isn’t meant to look nor sound nor feel like any other business. Your career isn’t meant to look nor feel like anyone else’s career. There is no one model that we’re all meant to follow and perpetuate… because we are individuals.

The whole point of us being here, having our own unique interests and talents, is for us to express them. And the only way we can express them to the greatest extent is to clear out the clutter — starting at the root.

Tapping into Who You Really Are

When you tap into who you really are, you claim your own magic in the world. 

I began my work after observing numerous disheartened people who had denied their truest nature and gifts. My heart breaks seeing people and businesses trying as hard as they can to be someone or something else. Designing their brands and materials to look like someone else’s brand and materials. Stealing copy from others. Joining the masses of the generics.

You’ve seen it. You’ve noticed feeling something “off” and perhaps even empty in what they’ve produced, but can’t quite express why.

Your business has its own unique core frequency. Your business should have its own pure, aligned, authentic branding. My work guides you to your true North and helps you to amplify your brand message and purpose.

Bringing Out Your Unique Gifts

By guiding entrepreneurs to tap into their truest selves, I bring out their unique gifts.

Whether I’m aligning your graphics and branding to broadcast your purest expression or creating a piece of artwork that incorporates your magic, I help you to turn up the volume on that bright core spark so that it can start to break through the accumulated layers of calcification and distortion that have been piled on top.

I believe that life is magic. I encourage you to dig down deep and express who you and your business really are. It’s time to give up who the business “experts” have said you “should” be. You already have everything you need; asking for assistance simply clears away the clutter so you more quickly and easily rediscover — and own — that space. 

You’re Meant to Shine. 

Through my work, I help to clear your energy so that you can reach the fullest expression of your core frequency and become more of yourself. You’ll realize your authentic power and increase your reach.

Through my work, you’ll no longer need to search for your answers. You’ll have the confidence and clarity coming from the literal core of your being to do business (and life) — your way.

If you’d like to clear the frequency or refine the visuals around your business endeavors, find me at MagicWithMellie.com

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