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It wasn’t easy to go through the transition from blogging to producing networking events and conversations, but I really wanted to take the conversation offline and bring people closer together physically, where we could all meet each other eye to eye and gain a deeper understanding of our businesses, goals, and missions. And just as soon as my wheels left the ground with an incredible evening of 80+ business professionals and designers sharing stories at Scarlett’s, the order for social distancing came over the wires loud and clear.

My family have the most fun chiming in when I animatedly have stated continuously throughout the years that it’s all happening, which it was by the way, and just when the wheels left the ground and I was springing into my fullest expression bringing in partners like; Lead with Love, Roaring Fork Leadership, CoVenture, and Here House, who also have a goal to connect people closer together and platform voices, social distancing happened. It’s uncanny how ironic that is, almost humorous.

Most of you reading this know me, but if not, I’m Jillian Livingston, and I carry many titles in our community, but the one I resonate most with is Social Influencer, as dubbed by Jill Rubin in our interview on Let’s Talk on KDNK.

So what is a social influencer? Social influencers are very prevalent on social media, creating an experience rather than worrying about the numbers, or trying to convert customers. I’m uniquely myself, somebody who cares about connection and bringing people together in a world that is less than friendly these days, and I am documenting my journey as I grow by bringing thought leaders together. I am not trying to sell you something, other than the ability to help me to take this to greater heights and tap deeper into our caring community who thrives off of supporting and collaborating with one another. With 12 Aspen Business Connect events produced since 2018, I know that these conversations are indeed working and collaborations are being formed. I also know that together we are better, and as I work in my flow, a new title has emerged recently. Apparently I’m also a “Super Attractor,” drawing in businesses who want in on this mission to connect. Sponsors like FirstBank whose slogan is Banking for Good, and Snowmass Base Village Real Estate and Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate who encourage intentionally creating community and platforming the voices not only of business professionals, but also teens, parents, and individuals who just need a platform to share their voice so they can have greater impact with their message. With all of this community involvement, I’m beginning to think that the world is our oyster, and we will indeed bridge gaps and bring our community closer together.

So here comes my ask. If you are aligned with our vision, I invite you to schedule a 1/2 hour call with me to share your ideas on how you can help me to take this to the next level, and we can take it from there. But first I ask you to visit the winter/spring program so that you can see for yourself the upcoming events (some have turned virtual) and sign up to experience more of this beautiful beast that is growing, and join in on upcoming conversations that include a virtual business mixer on March 26th; a second “Women Empowering Women” Master Class on helping women to realize their potentials; and an event on the Art of Suffering and limiting perceptions led by Kirstie Ennis, a decorated Marine veteran, philanthropist, and adaptive adventure athlete.

Special thanks go to Lilybart cards for their continuous support and to Mladen Todorovic for being so generous with his catering at Aspen Over Easy.

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