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When you visit a new town, where do you get your information on where to go? It’s one thing to read the local papers and scan the ads, it’s another to find the local blogger who shares the ins and outs as to what restaurants and bars to visit depending on the mood. And yes, our opinions on where to dine and drink in Aspen are most definitely biased, based on our own experiences with service, quality and atmosphere, but we also are constantly asking locals and guests about their experiences, allowing us to give our readers a more curated guide. Nobody knows better than us that our moods and desires can tend to change as quickly (or related to) our mountain weather, and thus we want to make sure that you get the feel for the place well before entering.

Tag us on social media @aspenreallife with your feedback on restaurants you visit, or submit a review and we may publish it to the blog. Put “Restaurant Review” in subject line.

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