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Get Great Wellness Results with Candice Claire

Working my way naturally through some very difficult emotional and health challenges led me to my passion and purpose in life as a Wellness Coach/Teacher. My path encompassed  meditation, essential oils and Ayurveda – don’t get turned off by the word – it’s a sanskrit word that means science of life. In fact Ayurveda is the oldest and still valid healing system on the planet dating back to over 5000 years.  It’s the system that developed meditation and yoga along with much more.  It truly is a science that has been tried and true and teaches us how to create optimal health for our unique constitutions. Do you settle for feeling just OK and have many excuses like “I’ve always been this way” or “I’m just getting older” or “I’ve tried everything”? I’m here to tell you that not feeling your best is your body’s magnificent communication to work with it because you CAN feel amazing at any age. The key is learning how to work with yourSelf to achieve that goal.

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Change your mind – Change your life…

“I cannot emphasize enough just how much my headspace has changed since my session with Michelle. It’s hard to see it until you look back at the long view….but once you do, it’s fucking dramatic.”
Marisa Adele @Healing Point Therapeutics

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Top Gyms Near Aspen

Whether one’s goal is weight loss, injury rehabilitation, increased strength/flexibility, or simply just to get a great workout, we have listed our top choices for gyms in the valley to build

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Aspen Yoga Studios

Mountain living equates with hardcore playing and we mountain folk all have our different approaches to how hard we like to play. Some of us are more aggressive than others,

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